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I'm not one to talk about myself a lot - besides, there's an About Me section here if you're really interested - so I'll just give you the most important info. I'm a fiction writer, and I'm a conservative. But first and foremost, I'm a storyteller.

That means you won't find stories that support a liberal worldview - and you won't find stories that are basically conservative polemic screeds. My papaw taught me young that stories, all by themselves, are important. So that's what I write. Good stories, infused with my worldview, which happens to be conservative.
So come on in, sit a spell in my virtual living room, and enjoy a couple of good stories, my treat. If you like what you see, keep coming back - or visit Liberty Island Magazine, a place I happen to hang out at, for more of my stories as well as tales by a bunch of genuinely talented libertarian and conservative writers.

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As a reader, I call myself a polylibrist: I read as many as a dozen different books, all at the same time. It drives my husband nuts. As a writer, I have the same habit. I write stories in several different worlds and multiple genres, all at the same time.

If you love supernatural, that would be my Helen Highwater/Hat-Re stories. Helen is an Appalachian seer who shares her daily world with the spirits. Hat-re, in (currently) unrelated stories set in the same universe, is an ancient Egyptian with peculiar powers and a large, extended family. My fantasy is primarily set in the world of Llysse, where a world-goddess literally gone mad is wreaking havoc. Science fiction stories are all over the place, from cyberpunk to space opera. My historicals are mostly based around American history, with a strong patriotic foundation. Finally, I write historical romance, more or less Regencies, in which the land of Faerie and the land of mortals are dangerously close together.

If you love what you see, email me. I love talking about my writing, even if I'm not fond of talking about myself!

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